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Meet Marianne

Hi friends!

I'm Marianne. 

I'm a little bit OCD,

a little bit of a neat freak,

and a little bit of a chocoholic. 

I consider it a talent that I can eat an entire row of Oreo's without getting a belly ache.  I put a lot of time and effort into perfecting that craft.  Much like my love for Oreo's, I LOVE photography.  I can never get enough of it.  I love being behind the lens and the excitement of that magic moment when I know the money shot has happened.  I consider it an honor to be part of these special moments and in helping to create memories that will last a lifetime.  Contact me, and I guarantee you we will have a blast!

PS:  I have a lot of other photos of my sweet little family that would look better here.  BUT.  I'm all about keeping it real, folks.  And with five little girlies, this is as real as it gets.  High five!

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Queen Creek, AZ

Available for Travel


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